I am neither
Convinced it exists,
Nor certain it does not.
It is perhaps something
Like the proverbial cat
Who may escape
Judgment until
By a concerned party
But life, generally,
Is not in strictest sense

There obtain multitudes
Of variables of which
All cannot be ignored.
A mind may
Ascend or descend
To the temperments
Of the heart which
Is in best of times
Begged askance for
To ride the fickle whims
Of ungovernable passion.

All, blind and unknowing,
Believing liberty abounds
While charmed by aspects
Of affinity only illumined
By creativity, which we
Purport to control,
But, reality,
If it be,
Assaults us with falsity.
The cat upon the sill
Its soul, besieged,
By want to
A given instinct.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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