A Thing, Well A Few

Prompted Positive Poetry’s Prompt #61 was “Fishnet.” I went off in a strange direction and did some derivations on a photo.

2020.06.09 Clockworks edited changed

This is not the poem I lost; I liked it better. I am toying with thoughts of which I cannot be the host. Catch release is all the rage to my overactive mind. Not sure I like the electric blue either, but black looked all wrong.

This following is out of the very verbose journaling. Those are two conjoined Tanka.


This existence is
Riddled with holes, the who, what,
How, why, that I am –
Knowing it is not enough
Normal for others to want.
Me, just wishing to
Belong somewhere with someone,
Who fully loves me
Though I am strange within – out,
Who would reassure my doubts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have a free trial of Spotify Premium. I love the Deep Focus channel, the one simply titled, Sleep, and oh, Music for Reading. Of course, The Rolling Stones and Queen get playtime as well.

I wonder if I should catch you up on my reading. I have not done that in a while, and there are some titles you might like.


Welcome February


This is Goobi, my grand kitty. She believes she owns me, and I am a semi-obedient cat servant now, so maybe she is right.

There is a lot of material in the following pages, so please humor me and read it all. It has been a while since I have written much by hand, so my script is iffy at times. It will improve as I do this again.

I have mentioned I work slow, I have done all these since about 1 or 2 am, until minutes ago. The scanning process was a nightmare with the Dell. Do not get a Dell.

2020-02-01_Journal for Creativity

2020-02-01_page two

2020-02-01_page three

2020-02-01_page four

2020-02-01_page five

2020-02-01_page six

2020-02-01_page seven

That last haiku is a tribute to Freddie Mercury, and someone, but no one.

I hope you are having an outstanding day. I have stayed busy. I may be back, but it depends.

There is a lot swirling around inside me right now, the thing is finding the right piece to begin assembling the puzzle and the proper color to paint it with.

God bless you! Create. Write your name bold across the globe. You are a masterpiece.

As a prompt, if you are brave – post a handwritten page or more.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


LoVe and Some Suggestions

Here we are entering February, with that I Heart You Day. I usually celebrate all month, well, kind of, all the time. I am decidedly weird, do not think I am unaware, LOL! I am gonna tell you a secret, that maybe is not so secret, I do not know if it is obvious. I fall in love with everybody. I always have. I have been utterly celibate for over ten years. Still, I love people. It does not matter who you are, it is not a sexual thing, it is a total devotion type thing.

I am so afraid of doing the wrong thing, so I have social anxiety, but I will befriend anyone. I smile and talk to perfect strangers, although I quake inside.

Okay, you are exceptional, very dear, very precious, and loved very much.

Something you could do for your significant other this month, or a person, whoever:

  1. Write a little love note every day and put it where they will find it. If you have time and the inclination, do a full-fledged love letter.
  2. Make a trip to a park together and take pictures to seal the memory.
  3. Call them up, just because, and say something scandalously sweet.
  4. Plant a tree together, maybe one for each one of you.
  5. If you can admit one to your family, adopt a dog or a cat, or go all out and adopt more than one.
  6. Attend a spiritual service together – whatever sect appeals to you. If you have differences in approach, go to one of each together.
  7. Go where the water is, lake, ocean, river, pond, just go. Water is magical, and love breeds there.
  8. Decide you will journal together, whichever of you is most verbal begin and give the other time on the same day. This is particularly good should you need to work something out. Make it an everyday habit, maybe for always.
  9. Compliment each other every day. Try for something different each time, and not just clothes.
  10. Help each other with chores, especially children, if you have them.
  11.  Bonus: Give books, poetry, writing, fiction, non-fiction, just books, everybody books. Need suggestions, hit me up, I read everything.
  12. Extra Bonus: Give Music, any kind, any time. All music, all the time.

You can do most of these things with friends and other family members too.

I hope, it does not matter what I hope.

God bless you all. May dreams come true for you in February. Have fun and reach for the stars, if you miss, maybe you will beat Elon to Mars.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Little Pleasantries

Nothing showy you all, just little things. Firstly, I did not want to go to town (anywhere not in the woods), today. Alex has been visiting his father and left Goobi, the cat, with my dogs and me. Goobi needed food. The city was necessary; I could not allow Goobi to starve.

It was not raining, which I have mentioned we are in the “rainy season.” The Explorer, though somewhat dirty, was not as bad as I expected. Alex and Maui have used it extensively. Mostly there are white hairs and footprints, but I was pleasantly surprised. The tank was almost empty, and that was about $35, but the station was not crowded, and it went smoothly.

I went to Kroger and picked up a few things, then got directed to the cat food. A three-pound bag was almost $12. Then I looked again, the tag said a limited quantity only this flavor was $3.60 per three-pound bag. This was Nutro Salmon and Brown Rice. There were two bags, but one was all the way at the back. My short self tried to reach it, a no-go. I walked up the aisle and saw nothing with length to it, and there seemed to be a shortage of available tall humans. I really like tall humans, they are handy. I keep one when I can. I looked the other way and saw some lint brushes. I was not sure these were sufficient, but anything is worth a try once, almost. I stood on the bottom shelf. You have seen short people doing this. I am sure I do not recommend it, but desperate times… I managed to snag the food. My way of seeing things, God set that up for me.

I went to Dairy Queen for an M&M Blizzard as a truly nutritional lunch. When the owner’s son gave me my receipt, he told me to do the survey, and he would give me a large blizzard for the cost of a medium, which is not what the paper says, but I know some people.

Alex was not with me, so I was not on a mission at Sam’s Club, and I browsed around as I do. Checking stock, checking prices, dreaming over books. I talked to a lady over the grapes. Sam’s likes to move things around and confuse customers. We talked about how their produce is superior to Kroger’s, and she agreed. I had discussed my theory on that with Alex, and without trotting it out, the lady’s experience agreed with my thoughts. We talked for several minutes, and it was delightful. Then when I went to leave, she said, “God Bless You!” I returned it with my own, but it felt so good to have an utter stranger bless me.

Another lady was looking at coffee, and I asked her which kind she liked. She said most anything, just not designer flavored coffees. She walked away, but when I came to the end of the aisle, she told me her real thing was creamers. We talked some more, and we were both smiling and pleased with the conversation.

The thing is I have severe social anxiety, and I am working on it by talking to strangers. It is fun, but the overthinking afterward, I could leave off.

I came home and got over-heated going in and out of a 57-degree house. Then I got cold. Because the propane will not deliver until Monday, I turned the central heat to 65. Then I decided to rock out to Newsboys and had to turn the heat off.

Life is amazing. People are so precious, beautiful.

God goes before us. We are loved.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan