These Four

Fertile light
Which nourishes
Every living thing,
Letting healthy energy
Pour over all life
Existing and growing
Full within common
Circles of influence.

Water, bearer, builder,
Giver, in everything,
The element of cells
Binder of creation
Healer of random hurts
Companion on the journey;
Life contains a thirst
Deeper than any ocean.

Air, holding breath
Loss, immediate death;
Containing space,
Spirit, dreams
Where time meets
Being – quiet, soothing,
Invisible nurture,
Life bringing fullness.

Earth, the surface,
Ground, beneath all feet
Remaining, sustaining
Though civilization
May timely turn
Into its overwhelming
Dust – there lives trust
The base providing
What fuels living
Enough to retain foundations
Raising survival, life.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I am aware most use fire instead of light in a presentation such as this, but light is how it began in this instance. What I am given I usually keep.

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