Blue of a crisp
Sky seeming
A rich robe
To a distant horizon.

Clouds encroach
Shedding plenteous
Tears rolling down
Spilling as lightning
Releases cries of 
Intense thunder
The held hidden hostage.

Anxiety, doubt, fear,
Tension filter like
Torrential rain filling
A hole in reality;
It all benign in
An effort to become,
Become relevant.

Gardens grow vibrant
As rainbows, delicate
As butterflies winging
Across the bruised
As the sun slowly
Sinks, a vessel
No one can bail.

Relentless people
Compel stories told
Before grudgingly
Retiring into
Comforting downy
Covers whose cost –
An unknowable secret
Paid by those who
Gave enfolding safety
Out of the blue.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


  1. Take what time you will and free-write.
  2. Keep going for the period you have chosen.
  3. Do not worry over correctness; get the words out. You can come back later and edit.

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