Gifts We Cannot Buy

The quiet of home when we
Return from wrestling lions all day.
The satisfaction of writing letters,
Poems, songs for loved ones.
The taste of a meal carefully
Prepared with helpings of love.
A comfortable chair, bright light,
Books we are longing to read.
Songs we never realized existed
But for which we find a soul hunger.
A dog, cat, lizard, goat, cow, whoever
Comes snuggles up, revealing devotion.
Stolen hours when hearts, souls
Are permitted freedom to dance art.
Picking up a crying child, watching
As eyes go wide, kissed by a smile.
The sweet hug of those treasured
Who we raised despite everything.
Traveling to a far-off wonderland,
Returning to a space of belonging.
Knowing, growing with screen friends,
Finally, meeting with hugs, face to face.
Sunshine after a bleak succession
Of wickedly dark, sad stormy days.
The alabaster moon coming from behind
Clouds, in time for a sweetheart kiss.
Setting aside specific times to find those
Moments to sincerely pray to the Lord.
Laying down, fed, safe, warm, beneath
Covers, falling into deep refreshing sleep.
Awaking to a day full of opportunity,
Possibility, without doubt, we are loved.
Living in a blessed place where each one
Can achieve hopes, dreams, and success.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Within Storms

An arctic blast –
Maybe there should
Be igloos, for form’s sake.
Solstice is long past,
Yet, now, the chill
Penetrates every bone,
Cranny and gap.
Yule logs consumed
Time afore would
Now be welcomed
Upon many hearths
To warm the fireside.
Even so, the snow
In its weavings
Looks like treacle icing
Upon the listing evergreens.
Winter dreams tell
Tales of coming Spring
Where the Earth rousing
Grows warm as most
Living things are
Like the Savior
Jesus, who holds keys
To happy eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Weather makes an excellent background on which to create. Use your current situation or tune in to fantasy for creation.

Gratitude List:
I had a better day.
Finished work on magazines.
Diet Cokes.
Cadbury Eggs.
Decorating for Easter.

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I hope you are well and safe. God keep everyone and bless each life magnanimously.

All material on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Wistful Attentions

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

In times like these, a little whimsy is necessary. Although getting this here was quite a trial. HP Scan Smart would not work, even after repeated tries. So, I downloaded something from MS. Voila.

My son, Alex, is with me currently. We are trying to rescue me from the house. I think we made a bit of progress.

I hope you are finding your holiday cheer. Even in Coronavirus times, there is much to appreciate. We are still here, you and I, and life with all its challenges is a marvelous thing.

When we listen to music, read a piquant line, share a hug, say hello, snuggle with a pet, look around and see all the things that enrich our lives, suddenly, we know we have reason to be. Even at a distance, we still have a connection to the lives of all humanity.

Please understand wherever, whoever you are, I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Love surrounds you, and you are marvelous. I will say with confidence; you are a miracle.

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God Bless You and Yours.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Finesse The Duress

Shall we carry all
The burden of yesterdays,
Boulders on our backs,
Never jettisoning packs
Or lessening the payload?
Do we relish what
No longer is ours to change,
Or do we begin
To hammer away what holds
Us prisoner with no face?
Are we blinded, bought,
Hard-pressed to hang in chains
Not ours to handle?
Going back cannot be done,
We deserve to frolic beneath
The sun in freedom bequeathed
Us by our chances taken
To provide what is, and
All which is to come.
We are overcomers
Those who will not be ground,
Left to wither, perish,
In deserts of depressing despair.
We embody traditions
The becoming, growing, rising, singing,
Leading out of the dark wilderness
Unable to contain the champions
We are destined, determined to be.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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The Light appeared, and many found in Him LOVE to build new lives.

Reckoning Bliss

The fantasy arrives
Like a newborn dream
To warm all hearts
That share the wish

Often prayers lift high
Reaching Mighty God
Who answers each
In His grace and time,
With gentleness divine.

What cannot be known
By all humankind,
The Savior holds aware
Giving every blessing,
Turning dark into light.

Griefs and hurts God
Repairs with abundant LOVE
Freeing spirits from shackles
Long retained in dire pain
He proves the healing.

Fear need not survive,
In any heart or life
Nor cause prolonged
Anguish, doubt, or strife,
For Christ conquers qualms.

The solutions arise
Like a welcome desire
To rouse all souls
That share the hope

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan