Creativity fuels Democracy

We are permitted one life
In which to create the greatness
That will live beyond our years.
Creativity is the precursor
To the liberty, we seek
To experience in all we do,
For freedom is hindered
Where the imagination
Is shackled and held hostage
To unreasonable obedience
And overbearing oppression.
Industry, good fortune,
Can only exist in environments
Where creativity is allowed its due.
Any government, enterprise, establishment,
Seeking to restrict the imagination,
Creativity, of the persons which abide
Within its jurisdiction will soon
Fall prey to inescapable failure
For creativity is the source
Of innovation, leading competition,
And the bringer of success.
No one wins when creativity
Is stifled by domination
Enacted by those lacking insight
And the blessings of ingenuity.


As a prompt think of how you feel when your ideas or creations are disparaged. Create something that expresses your need to have creative freedom and what losing it might cost.

I am thankful I live in a place where I am free to create, but sometimes I fear this right could be limited or completely abolished if we are not careful to guard it. I am grateful that in the night, my muse comes out to play. I do not always allow the sprite its way during daytime hours. What makes you feel grateful? If you explore this, it might help you find peace, if you lack it.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you found something to your liking. There is a follow button to click should you wish to avail yourself of that option, if not please come back soon.

Be safe, be aware, be well, keep creating, and believe you have a purpose to fulfill. You are an essential part of life in our world, make use of your creativity and your power. You can accomplish great things and make a significant difference in history.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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