Secret Agents of Chaos

We were born unto a golden age
When favor endowed us, fine,
Though circumstances proffered
Their problems as they brew
We were capable, and we grew.
I was voracious and leaning unstable
But the mark of it was feathered
Light, invisible at most edges, slight,
You were scrappy, yet saccharine,
Neat, a contumacious pleasure
Forever brooding, outside bounds.
Along divided pathways, we wended,
You much needing, I stymied, not
Succeeding as would, I could;
Devastated for the missing
Unknown, the X and Y of who
We designated, risk-related were.
Somehow the lawful order
Separated, gradually disintegrated,
Brokedown in some unmapped region,
The secret of hearts, with chosen
Souls, a love time destined to
Seek and find what others claimed
Us as belonged, with finite reason.
We bloomed like dandelions
Secret Agents of Chaos thrust savage
Into the world of mendacity
Set together free though love was
Ours to linger only temporarily.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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