No Wrong Answers

Creativity provides
Space, time, for the expression
Of all Love’s dimensions
Without failure, only learning
Gaining foundations
Of practical experience.
Every endeavor undertaken
Projects an aspect of truth
Leading imagination deeper
Into the molten heart
Of what possibility transmutes
When volcanic forces pour.
Explosions harnessed
Incur the success craved
When visualizing potential
In an environment of hope
Cultivated despite perceived
Calamities, dysfunctions, mistakes
Which contain probability kernels.
Questions generate no wrong
Answers only unbarred doors
To worlds wherein falling
Is profit moving forward
Because it encourages increasing
Attempts until mastery is acquired
And eventual satisfactory completion
Providing an upswelling surge
In the sense of peace and tranquility.


As a prompt, grab a Thesaurus or Dictionary, physical not Google, open it up. Take a trip around some pages, maybe jot down a few words that cling to you. Create something.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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