Almost True

I will not say
But these restless hours know
I am saturated
In a willful wild
That remains always unmet.
Sometimes in the twilit
Moments between awakened
And that fond
Into dreaming,
I know some success
Which lingers only
A whisper delayed
The stilling of the caressing
Hands on the face
Of a cuckoo clock,
Let to fall silent by an
Of neglect no one
Managed to prevent.
Time is transparent
But the break
Sinks hope beneath margins
And the glimpse of dazzling
Has no fuel to write it,
No tool to catch it
Bind such dreams to present
Being reality might accept
Such opportunities developed
Possibilities, but the lines
Like traffic headed for those
East, North, South, West,
Deepening the dream
Almost caught, realized,
But need calls for rising,
Amnesia ensues.

The prompt for Prompted Positive Poetry was Dreams.

The dogs and I got out here today so I am including us.

I hope all are well and not overmuch inconvenienced by events. You are in my thoughts. I wrote five poems today should you care to read them all. May we all return to our standard lives as soon as safety allows.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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