Candid Conversation

Reflection, who is,
And is not, even real, me;
You know what goes on
Where shadows caress my eyes
I know you, doubly, the spy.
I hide away, me,
But a mirror always sees
Behind the public facade;
Where I present as okay,
Not speaking the frequent doubts
The horrible fears,
Pain thoroughly convincing me
I am surely cursed.
Mirror, please now realign
My face with bright eyes, sure smile,
Be the expression
I carry when I cannot cope
Give me steadfast hope
Shore up my courage, with faith,
Teach me to be better, me.
Mirror, I hope life
Where you are is kinder, gentler,
Than this ongoing disaster,
You have the only face seen
Recently, ah, please do not cry
I know somehow you can get by,
Me, well, I will try, and you know
Already, when I will, I thrive.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt on the Facebook Group, Prompted Positive Poetry today is, “Mirror.” If you have never done a creative work based on your mirror doppelganger or anything really about mirrors, you should try it. Like Snow White, Dorian Gray, and others, the mirror has fascinating possibilities.

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