It is open to you
If you will venture to come
Through the unlocked door,
Maybe you are the dear one
For whom my heart is waiting.

The years have been long,
Time often passes fast then slow
Loneliness haunts life,
I reach but never believe
Another belongs with me.

Still when you come near
Hope revives beyond all doubt,
I want to be yours
If you could somehow be mine
And I would stay at your side.

Is there enough love
Within your heart to choose me,
Or is my thought only
A wishful dream without hope
Inside this reality?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I rarely do this, but this poem was not written today, it was written in the early AM on Wednesday. 

I encourage you today to take a walk through your imagination and look at your life, paying particular attention to the positive things, and fall in love with your being. We are so fortunate in life and should take time to enjoy who we have become.


Author: Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My life has gone through some rapid changes of which I had no control so I am now trying to find new purpose and meaning. There is an adventure in this and I am excited to move forward.

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