Living the Dream

This is the caption on my shirt, and I thought, where can I go with that?

When the everything
You are doing
Is the everything
You really want,
You have achieved
The somewhat everyone
Chases after in their
Overdo, over sex, over sought.

When the bustle outside
Is managed and the harried
Does not follow you in
You order your existence,
You ration yourself zen
Doing who you are
Being always honest, faithful,
Knowing you are, and ever you.

Money cannot buy joy
But the toys can give a rush
The secret is to relish
Each day our Lord has wrought,
Counting up all blessings
Learning what you can along
Any given pathway
Being grateful, wearing smiles,
Slipping into the future
With hope bought other days,
Living the dream.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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