I was looking at a white table the other day, and I saw something I had not seen before. The white space was reflecting back a spectrum of color. I stared at this a while.

Color theory, if we recall, says that the color white contains all colors. It is not as some think an absence of color. So, I was bemused, partially because this was an experience I had thus far not had.

Maybe I needed it, the idea because it brought to bear my intelligence on the issue. Sometimes things have a way of hijacking my brain.

The color, white, compounds all colors. Color should be embraced and celebrated. Everything, everyone is a part of every other.

Ah, that life could be so simple as that. It is though on the base level. We complicate it, make it difficult. I hope wherever you are, whatever you are doing, that happiness finds you and delight surrounds you. May love light up your life, so you see that you are precious in infinity.

God Bless You, and God Bless Our World!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

2020.06.03 Globe
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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