© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

To every woman who has borne a child, to those who have offered hearts of love to children in need of tenderness, you have my undying gratitude and respect. More than anything else, those who nurture children are heroines of the super denomination. God bless every one.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Come Closer

When tempted only to browse
Not close, not truly see
One avoids involvement
In everything completely.
Dandelions are destitute weeds
Not delicate creations, beauty,
People become utilitarian
Not deriving from incomprehensible
Depths of dignity, glamour, time.
The slant rays limning a vine
Do not enchant causing one
To desperately pine for a glimpse
Of crimson roses sent once
Upon a splendid loving time.
There is no magic, allure,
No precious heavenly divine
Each thing is dust fashioned
To feast upon with unrequited lust.
Slow a bit, look, long linger
Over what the world passes by,
The silver flicker of sun lighting waves,
A raindrop reflecting golden from clover,
The wingbeats gentle susurration
Of the murder of crows rising
Into the cerulean sky as a fierce
Beribboned Shih Tzu puppy walks
With a small bark and no chase to find.
Come, come, be entranced again
Let nature, environments,
Become the closest of friends,
Treasure every person, let
Humanity delight, rousing love
To light fires of generosity, kindness;
Gather hope that tomorrow will divulge
The abundant pleasures of happiness
Filling each day full-measure, overwhelming,
And to God all the glory, gratitude.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Creativity is a chain
Of solid gold smelted
Throughout lifetimes
But evidenced when
Time begins to test
Bonding links every day;
Deriving an understanding
Durable and yet fragile,
Indicating how to forge
Works which manifest
Such rapturous glory
Doves announce a viable
Quality of love exemplified
In skies embroidered by
Stars surpassing thoughts
Possible in mere mortal dreams.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Over Rush

Washing ashore with
Shells in the roaring surf
Escaping the indignity
Of never being enough,
Having no singular worth.

Waves worrying a body –
Left unknown, alone
So long, all valuations
Are ridiculously overblown
Still finding hope, a home.

Dawn, dusk, day, night
Afford treasures, intense pleasures
Renewed with love derived
From such sources as might
Willingly engage oceans of emotion.

Swells a song, harmony,
Set loose with intensity
Delighting whatever is left
Of freedom, wild-eyed liberty
Claimed beyond rebellion, eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Time devours all things
In its forward mystery;
What it leaves behind
No one can wrestle from it
To alter, much less retrieve.

This time – a present –
Written upon every life
Turning the lush soil,
Allowing bountiful growth
Sharing LOVE in all moments.

Future hides its face,
Body pressing on drawn drapes
Breaking through the gaps,
Bringing breathtaking wonder
Beauty engulfing the spheres.

Each minute, hour, day
Is become, owned, shaped, written
For progress, helping
LOVE’s universality
Before nature fades away.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: As you read, pick out a concept and create something that expands the thought. Any form of art or wordsmithing is appropriate.