Creativity Now

If you are fortunate enough to have some extra time in your schedule now, I want to encourage you to spend a portion of your day engaged in a type of creativity:

You might want to write your observations of this time in a journal or create poetry and stories that are entirely unrelated. If you have ever had the ambition to write a book, perhaps this is your ideal time.

Photographers might enthuse themselves with taking photos of a scene over some interval of days, and look at the changes, or use them in layers combined for an HDR effect.

Artists might find ordinary items in the household and anthropomorphize those objects, even working them into a cartoon or short animated movie.

For those who have culinary desires, now might be the perfect time to delve into grandma’s recipes or that book you never opened and do some food magic.

Those musicians who need some practice could try something they have never gotten around to, or write some new songs that would surely receive a warm welcome the first time they are performed.

Computer programmers and other computer geeks, this is your time to code your own project until your heart is content.

Readers, this is the time to explore everything you choose. Go everywhere, everywhen, everyhow, you wish all within the covers of books or the pages of eBooks.

Of course, any of the above could engage children or pets as subjects in work, also involving children so they better understand what can be done creatively is a valuable learning activity.

I am confident if you look at this time from the perspective of opportunity that you will find inspiration and things to explore creatively. Time is only wasted when we fail to recognize its value. These are a few ideas, I am sure you have more if you allow.

Take care, be well, God Bless You!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Just a moment, how,
Looking across the expanse
Of bare open floor
To the table where he sat
A vision almost unreal;
How the breath caught, ceased
Before the radiance of his face
Cast all unconscious, unknown,
Which would never leave one
Sowing restlessness, unease,
No lesser mortal
Ever came close to pleasing
The feral wanting-ness,
Voracious needling appetite
Beyond all reason, all right,
His terra cotta eyes, sculpted jaw
Haunted every hour, day,
And night
Allowed a momentary respite,
So business, busyness
Were enjoined to maintain
A state where fantasies were
Kept from the forefront
Of thought for he was almost
A specter beyond every
Possibility, a dream of Love
To whom one might devote
But never acknowledged
Come close to embrace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Another late night musing. Sometimes I believe insomnia is a creative gift. I allow the muse its way, better than Calgon, any day.

Sometime After Midnight

There are times sleep evades me, and I find myself with too much on my mind. Sometimes I find words flow as if a vein were opened to allow rain.


Please hold me up close
Setting me forever free
From the loneliness
Which has homesteaded within
The loving heart inside me.

I walk wild as one
Who feels a need for freedom,
But still welcomes love.

Music it abides
A loving force freed within
My outstretched soul.

Clouds cannot ever
Hide the glow of joy and love
Shining from within.

Well met here again
The stranger who captivated
Portions of my heart.

Heart, soul, now take wing
Follow abundance until
Love makes one captive.

Cherish me richly
Up close, personal, no space
Between who we are
Who desire names our being
The perfection of loving.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


As a prompt: If you find yourself unable to sleep, engage the creativity in your wild imaginative brain and make something of lasting value in the sleeplessness. You may find yourself served up a treat you otherwise might have overlooked.




Turn yourself around
Look to see,
Not what you want,
The depths of reality.
The picture
Is clear if your heart
Is engaged,
But it is much simpler
To only observe
The surface.
Vision lighted by love
Is seldom
Encouraged by those
Who maintain powers
Over bulk humanity.
By grouping lots
The individual is masked,
Hidden behind layers
Too numerous to comprehend.
Persons alone
Dealt disadvantageous
Circumstance, pain,
May be maladapted
To herd mentality.
Every heart beating
Soul aching to be filled
Has ability, creativity,
Beauty enough
To withstand trouble,
Triumph and overcome.
Look to see
Inside the spirit
That infuses life
With all the joy
One chooses
To partake,
We are beloved,
Let us celebrate.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This poem was written during the morning’s wee hours. The one previously posted was written in daylight. My schedule encompasses much of the night. The fact I sleep so little is a bit of a bother.


A pebble covered
In the dead gray ashes left
Behind in the wake
Of a spectacular blaze
Only found with difficulty.
Yes, the description
Fits the personality,
But also the crimson
Bloom coming into focus
As the morning fogs disperse.
The wind challenging
The sea to charge on faster
Beating back boulders
Who were placed at such mercy
Before Earth gained memory.
The knowledge captured
In the words become magic
Given life, light, love
A testimony traveled
From an ever questing heart.
Guessing character?
One so well a familiar
A simple delight,
Given heart, soul, grown bolder
Recognized, now, poetry.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is in answer to the prompt at Poetic Asides today.