One feels excessive
When ignored,
Like a used paper cup
Washed against a clog
Blocking a storm drain
Which will finish its
Descent with an outburst
Of rain and a thunderclap
Causing tender ears pain.

Who we are is a blessing,
For we tumble like rocks
In a polishing canister
Until our sharp edges curve,
Beautiful colors gleam,
On our smooth surfaces,
After time expended in
Bringing us through study,
Toil, trouble, to inspiration.

None is expendable,
Gifts arranged like jewelry,
In a showcase accrued
Throughout hours become
Profitable, years when those
Who dream unfettered, sparkle
Like platinum starburst,
Proving love is the attribute
Most attractive and affirming.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I saw the open door
But felt I should go,
Another way,
Continuing down the hallway
Until I came upon
An exit.
Through the door –
I wandered barefoot on
The grass,
Buoyed by the scent of water –
Wafting from an active
Like the impression
Of safety within a dream.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sweetwater Creek Millrace

Spring Ascends

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Flowering Quince

The sky begins to grin
Laughter in breezes licking
Blooms, buds, emerging all over,
Birds try Mozart on the wing
Welcoming the joys of Spring.
Lawnmowers come out of
Their retirement finding
They can roar and slash
Again, demolish growth and grass;
The turning wheel of time
Season to season leaving,
Joining creation in multiplication.
Children beg for outside time
Adults encourage homework
Completed, then recreation;
Grills abandon covers, gathering
Fuel, beginning a slow-burn –
Coaxing the best of flavors
Out of all types of meat.
Sandals, shorts, sundresses
In dizzying colors appear
Draping girls, women everywhere.
Boys, men put aside much hiding
For muscles viewed in shorts, tanks
Enjoying nature’s fabulous celebration.
Maybe time, even with its imperfections
Hollers out opportune possibilities
As LOVE makes its many advances.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


We are coiled fibers
On separate continents
Our wiring entwines
Balances our humanity
Furnishing hope, joy, and love.

Our hearts beat, rhythm,
Alike, in Crayola bodies,
Grace swearing us in,
Hands touching hands, render smiles,
Cherishing we ragamuffins.

Presents beribboned
Sharing melodies inspired
Forgetting in place
Differences – become friends,
Each countenance shining light.

Opening ebon doors
To unleash brilliance, delight;
Understanding change
Growing fruitful, courageous,
Saluting equally all.

With passion aflame
Given examples guiding love;
God who embraces
Each aspect, person, creation
Abides, the Spirit of Grace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


We hunger deeply
Like the caterpillars do,
Gorging on sweet leaves
Fills voracious appetite
With what will nourish, transform.

Each moment, nectar,
Gentleness, kindness, loving
Required to convert
From our fearful brokeness –
Emotional fulfillment.

A brightness lingers
Before the silken cacoon
Is spun to contain,
God’s blessed transmutation,
Beauty aburst, butterfly.

Some years, emptiness;
Laid aside as lives become
Select new chapters,
We dare to trust us enough,
Believing love can arrive.

Regarding future
Days as if timeless journeys
When we are treasured
Cherished as unique persons
Wholly believed, complete, loved.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something in first person, then turn it plural.

I spent a few hours with Richard.
I have read three books already this month.
I caught a little extra sleep.
The dog did not destroy a lot, just my long-handled duster.
It was quiet today.

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