Nothing Spared

This is both realist, idealist, pessimistic, and optimistic. You look at that glass and see one state, I look at it and see at least three. I think, to some degree, I live in multiple realities. Maybe I will write about it sometime, for now, the poem that brought me here.

What we hold in hand
One moment another can
Require so sudden
Prying from our fingers grasp
The prized thing we dream will last.
Whether property,
Relationship, talent, skill,
We may against will
Be made to apply what is
Ours to uses beyond us.
It is good to be
Aware and grateful for all
We have, do, and are
Always, for the world without
Fair reason may call us, debt due,
Though nothing in truth
We owe, but to love fully,
Do our best going onward,
Our gains may forfeit be
At a sudden whim of fate,
We are cast upon the path
Which to conquer is so slow
We begin again to prosper
To fill our plate and appetites sate.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

2020.06.07 edit barn hay downsized


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