Like fire on water
Warming skin and blood, a touch,
From you puts spirits
Racing, needing, wanting more
All the love given, returned.
I never thought to
Feel this way with anyone
Who entered my life
At this latter date, mistake,
I am now yours completely.
I fear, I do, much
For I can be fanciful, wild,
A bit of chaos in some days.
I turn scared, wither, at words
Not meant to elicit pain,
Only bring cool calm to bear;
How I try to be a pool
At peace, when I am an ocean
Stirred, waving, crashing to shore.
Silly me, I do not even
Seem to know myself these days,
When with you, no longer am I
A quiet shade haunted,
Fading, passing fast away;
I become a passionate creature
Living moment to moment
Fully alert, indubitably alive
Always anxious to be with you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

He calls me an Agent of Spiraling Chaos. Only with him, but then again, I am uncertain. I get excited when people are with me. I just love everyone. I spend too much time alone.

2020.07.01 Faries resized

 © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, use a whimsical word or phrase to describe a part of your life. Let it lead you into whatever creation you wish to undertake.

What is a nickname you might give yourself or have been given? Can you derive creation from it?

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