Love Being

Ladies, gentlemen,
Others whoever you are,
I want to make clear
The fact you are beautiful
Just as you are no matter
What you accomplish, how
You survive in this present,
You are much more than enough.
Do not harm yourself with deep
Negativity, dear one;
Precious being of love.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
September 1, 2019

I had this come up on my Facebook memories and thought it a worthy thing to share. I hope each of you knows you are the best who you are, and you are growing into who you will become.

Every day, every year, we are making progress toward who our purpose leads us to be.

Take care of yourself because you are a being the world needs; you have so much love and goodness to share. Never sell yourself short. Build on your strengths, talents, pleasures; you have such creativity. I see all of us reaching new highs, better growth. The opportunity is endless.

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