Dabbles Everywhere

Once, much like peasants
Left in the desert’s harsh sun,
Now, relief may come,
Though through no action our own
But many blessings given.

We have today, now,
Tomorrow a hopeful dream
May become our truth.

Breaking foamy waves
Shining lit by sparkling sun
New hope, dreams begun.

Valleys of shadow,
Mountaintops of brilliant sun,
Our journey goes on.

So fragile small hope
Then God broke heavy shackles –
Setting love to life.

Desolation of heart,
Soul, feeling, and character,
Taught us to follow
Love, leave division, unite –
Within freedom’s holy light.

I will sing my love
As a cry and a quiet prayer
And dream my dream true.

Fear may trouble us
Doubt may torment sunny days,
But it is okay
We are overcomers all,
Our hearts are brave, bearing love.

The gifts, more than cost,
Bestow happiness forthright
Love, we are for life.

Dear Lord, please provide
For us, Your gracious blessing,
Help us not to fall.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

When one writes short, many things can be covered independently. Try your hand at haiku, which are counted syllable poems of three lines with counts of 5 – 7 – 5. If you care to, do some tanka as well, the syllable counts are 5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7. These short forms are good exercises to prepare the voice for more extensive verse.

Gratitude Now
Listening to my favorites, The Rolling Stones, in live shows streamed from YouTube.
Spending time with Richard when I did not wish to be alone.
Catching a nap.
Coming home so I can Rock.
My ice-maker.

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The bells may ring, people sing,
For hope’s return and love’s dawning,
The sounds of what may be freedom.

All Materials © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Love, The Pieces

Love from the moment
Conceived within willing hearts,
Gentle, open minds,
Does forever then abide
Can never lose itself, die.
People sometimes part
But compassion, tenderness,
Somewhat may remain
No one touched by love, passion,
Is consigned to dungeon depths.
If only in dreams
Occasionally the soul
Will court memory
So pain is brief forgotten,
With ecstasy begotten.
Love is eternal,
It deserves respect, guarding,
An utmost treasure,
Lives creating paradise
Together despite tough years.
Love from the moment
Conceived within willing hearts,
Gentle, open minds,
Does forever then abide
Can never lose itself, die.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The light takes us from shadows to the illuminated world, LOVE, creativity’s source, and so much more.

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Diversity Enriches Normality

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Whatever could it
Be, coming such great surprise,
From lands far away
To please fancy fantasy,
Developed in happy times?
The container gives
No clue but from whence it came,
And useless guessing
For almost anything might
Signify the producer.
Jewelry, toys, clothes,
At affordable prices,
Tools, appliances,
Fill needs temporarily
Providing a range of choice.
Without such shipping
Many would go without items,
Enriching bare days
Of impoverishment, lack,
Better being than nothing.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, take a photograph or create a visual work of art and write something relating to your image or artwork.

A 365 Creativity Project seems daunting initially, and even later, there are times quitting might be more manageable. I did this before with a sizable increase in my creative output than if I did not commit to it. 2020 was a good year in this regard. If you want to produce more work, I recommend building an achievable goal and holding yourself to it.

I am grateful:

I have electronic devices.
It was a dry day.
Sam’s Club cooks chicken.
Music lifts spirits and inspires.
Clothes protect and conceal us.

I am still working on the site, watch out for the yellow tape.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Coming To Love, Life

Laying rhythm down
A beating heart encased in
Nature’s creation
God’s gift the animation,
Spirit, soul, imagination.
Endowed with talent
Passion, creativity
Living fantasy
Placing love before, behind,
Grace provides mercy needed.
Recognizing who
Becomes a sweet diversion,
Painting lightning with
Touch scoring the open heart
Marked, to belong henceforth.
Pleasing songs, apt words
Recited in perfect timing
Adventure calling
Love the meaning, need, being,
Defining every moment.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: What do you most desire in the coming year? State your intention; however you choose.

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Cultivating Needs

Come now, please enter
The corridor streaming to
A future unknown
But welcoming, becoming
A notable destination.
Take a step leaving
Fear, mediocrity far
Behind so living
Suddenly transforms into
Lovely creativity.
All guesses, thoughts, knowns
Are but reflections cast on
Screens of dreams that seem
In their happening, transports
To realms hidden beyond mists.
Getting where wishes
Occur in truth that passes
Through hearts of loving,
A discovering of each
Wonder made unmatchable.
Instruments play songs
Of personal power made strong
Enough to alter
The fabric of what is real
Bringing miracles to light.
People are the keys
The beating hearts, searching minds
Manifesting bright
Hopeful marvels beautiful
In happening – to extreme.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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As a prompt, create something that hints at but does not use personal pronouns or proper nouns, but gets that message out prominently.