Whet An Appetite

No one tells the rain
When or where it may occur
We have so little
Control though we want it all –
To bear us loving and true
Is the earnest service we do
For much is beyond our reach
We have only faith and prayer
To approach God for His care.

Love is no free-throw
Constitution, strength, will,
Dexterity, charisma,
All measured in the balance
And every roll can damage.
Creativity, imagination,
Lights love with passion, purpose,
But day to day may with
Worry douse the vigorous flame,
Delight much must kindle again.

Yesterday cannot
Touch today’s incandescent
Beauty in your eyes
The world has opened anew
Blooming with love found in view.

Love’s flames hungrily
Fire the passion and the blood,
Make need understood.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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