When I think
I hope that you
Are there
So we can
Together borrow
All the time, we share
Allowing little sorrow
In our lives, times,
To come near.

Sometimes who you are
Is precisely what the world
Needs to wake up love.

The plans made in time
Became a sheer dreamy kind
Of true written rhyme.

For this moment,
Yours and mine
Become together
Fused, entwined,
Defying fate,
We relate.

I probably fell
Into you much harder than
Ever I should have,
But you are a gift unwrapped,
In the middle of my storm.
Holding fast your hand
I face my days in rescue
From the wind and rain,
Constant change that tries to turn
Life inside-out, upside-down.
You spin me top-like
But only intoxicate
Me in the feelings
Arising when you are near
When you show your tender care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

All these are separate but related. Sometimes times things come to me in fragments.

As a prompt, create several interrelated works. Let an emotion, idea, style, reason join them even loosely.

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