Gifts We Cannot Buy

The quiet of home when we
Return from wrestling lions all day.
The satisfaction of writing letters,
Poems, songs for loved ones.
The taste of a meal carefully
Prepared with helpings of love.
A comfortable chair, bright light,
Books we are longing to read.
Songs we never realized existed
But for which we find a soul hunger.
A dog, cat, lizard, goat, cow, whoever
Comes snuggles up, revealing devotion.
Stolen hours when hearts, souls
Are permitted freedom to dance art.
Picking up a crying child, watching
As eyes go wide, kissed by a smile.
The sweet hug of those treasured
Who we raised despite everything.
Traveling to a far-off wonderland,
Returning to a space of belonging.
Knowing, growing with screen friends,
Finally, meeting with hugs, face to face.
Sunshine after a bleak succession
Of wickedly dark, sad stormy days.
The alabaster moon coming from behind
Clouds, in time for a sweetheart kiss.
Setting aside specific times to find those
Moments to sincerely pray to the Lord.
Laying down, fed, safe, warm, beneath
Covers, falling into deep refreshing sleep.
Awaking to a day full of opportunity,
Possibility, without doubt, we are loved.
Living in a blessed place where each one
Can achieve hopes, dreams, and success.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Within Storms

An arctic blast –
Maybe there should
Be igloos, for form’s sake.
Solstice is long past,
Yet, now, the chill
Penetrates every bone,
Cranny and gap.
Yule logs consumed
Time afore would
Now be welcomed
Upon many hearths
To warm the fireside.
Even so, the snow
In its weavings
Looks like treacle icing
Upon the listing evergreens.
Winter dreams tell
Tales of coming Spring
Where the Earth rousing
Grows warm as most
Living things are
Like the Savior
Jesus, who holds keys
To happy eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Weather makes an excellent background on which to create. Use your current situation or tune in to fantasy for creation.

Gratitude List:
I had a better day.
Finished work on magazines.
Diet Cokes.
Cadbury Eggs.
Decorating for Easter.

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I hope you are well and safe. God keep everyone and bless each life magnanimously.

All material on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Time may dump you in waters deep,
Leave you alone to flounder, sink,
But as the depths surround you
Be confident you will not drown,
Love will find you, stopping the tide,
Pulling you to safety, letting you rise
To live a better being, a magnificent life.
When the storms, which sometimes come
Make you doubt, tremble, fear, remember –
Love holds you, stand fast, be brave,
Let Love be your guide, never forgetting
You are precious, treasured, to live life.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

You probably recall, when I use Love, it often relates to God.

As a prompt, challenge yourself to create something that will uplift you and others. Any media is okay; do the work and make something.

Gratitude List
Today was better than yesterday.
I talked to people who helped me.
I mastered some tech.
I sheltered the Explorer from the rain.
I picked up the mail.

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Round Ramble

How one goes about
Being mostly positive
For other’s pleasure;
But wallows deep in despair
Of themself is mystery.

It is rushing waves
Upon a marble shoreline
Where no hope abides
Of escaping the restless
Pull of moon, stars, tide, and time.

Reading what becomes,
Is, Might be, the difficult
Reason to purpose,
How life is met, advantage
Stark incredibility.

Blood poured on pages;
Giving others a meaning
To discover, make,
A pretty expanse of days
Infused with brilliant excellence.

Yet, shadow unknown
Haunting doubt, fear, lacking what
Is given away,
Because the self to others
Makes a deft sacrifice.

Cutting every day
A notch in the living thing
That is heart, spirit,
Returning with seeping wounds,
Not fully mended, a mind.

One day only this
Ghost record will remain,
Reaching back to bring
Clarity indeed well tested;
Lacking creative mortal.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I hope you are well. We’ve only days to Christmas, and other holidays are underway or will soon follow. Take care of yourself and those you love. This year is a bit different for all of us, but we can handle it with grace.

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God bless you and yours.


The pleasant Autumn
Is turned to mean exclusions
Of clouded Winter,
Ebon ravens take to air,
Love may languish, vanish there.
Costliest of days
When time slows in dreamless sleep,
Moments like thick soup
Mire us, one – forever – all,
Discordant voices, loud, call.
Faces of comfort
Covered in veils kin to fog,
Starlight gleaming eyes
No longer lit from within,
Payment price for frigid loss.
Relentless saunters
Hope in allure to parade
Reminding one, all,
Better days return, arrive,
Together again arise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan