Finesse The Duress

Shall we carry all
The burden of yesterdays,
Boulders on our backs,
Never jettisoning packs
Or lessening the payload?
Do we relish what
No longer is ours to change,
Or do we begin
To hammer away what holds
Us prisoner with no face?
Are we blinded, bought,
Hard-pressed to hang in chains
Not ours to handle?
Going back cannot be done,
We deserve to frolic beneath
The sun in freedom bequeathed
Us by our chances taken
To provide what is, and
All which is to come.
We are overcomers
Those who will not be ground,
Left to wither, perish,
In deserts of depressing despair.
We embody traditions
The becoming, growing, rising, singing,
Leading out of the dark wilderness
Unable to contain the champions
We are destined, determined to be.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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The Light appeared, and many found in Him LOVE to build new lives.

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