(Poe, Shakespeare)

Books, their vivid color
Punctuating stacked spaces
Where they live, abide,
Knowing the words written on
Pages, covers – keep inside.

(Mitchell, Milton)

All the best people
Have names imprinted upon
Sturdy spines of volumes
Which invite others entry
To interiors of mind.

(Thoreau, Cameron)

Patterns woven in
Every brain, of letters which
Trace information
Only gained in printed permanence,
Dust coated or freshly created.

(Goldberg, Ginsberg)

Inked spaces running away
With any bold imagination
Enchanted enough to open,
Investigate stories penned
Set down, forever displayed.

(Emerson, Fox)

Lofty shelves overrun
Excess in careful mazes
Upright, often nearly toppled,
By a body gone awry, astray,
Never intending a mess to make.

(King, Koontz)

Every author studied
For a hint, an inkling of
What may capture hearts,
Craving permission to continue
Bundling lines readers might like.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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