Gathering Trinkets

2022 Creativity Project – March 25

Gathering Trinkets

We read or study to learn about what surrounds us. We create to discover ourselves. Both are beneficial, but sometimes when the world overwhelms us, and we feel we are losing ourselves, we need to go within and bring out the treasure which can help us hang on.

Sometimes an idea appears that we recognize as necessary, but we let it fade away because of the many things that lead us apart. Next time a vision of such quality presents itself, make it work. Life is too short to ignore inspiration.

To have the best relationships and even better brief encounters live with love and share it freely. The more love we share, the more we have to give. Love is infinite; it only waits to be given away.

Recognizing the call of temptation as something injurious is a step toward freedom. We do not always need what whispers to us; some things are beyond our means. Looking at what we want carefully and remembering those things we need can prevent disaster.

Often boredom propels us, placing us on paths toward what is not ideal. If things begin to get stale and staid, turning to creativity and putting brains, hearts, minds, and hands to work may halt disaster. Creativity can feel like love or sometimes a blessing, a prayer sent through activity.

You are a gift, infinitely precious. Shine, shine, lend your light to a world weak with defeat and trouble. Reach your hand out to someone who needs someone. God bless you – every day, in all ways.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Find something that encourages or inspires you and get busy creating. Articles, books, essays, poems, and stories cannot write themselves; art cannot make itself real; it takes the action of a creator. YOU make it happen.

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