Mission Statement

#1 Creative Statement - Typewriter

If we want to accomplish more, we must do the remarkable. We cannot settle for a lukewarm approach, our desire for excellence must be like wildfire. We hold in our minds, hearts, souls the creativity to institute change at a cosmic level, but we cannot defer our work. The world needs out production in the present moment. We are not allowed to be placid and let time to rush by us without our contribution to its meaning.

Every word, thought, image, line, page, all we do, are, create, is integral to the shaping of the next minute. We may sometimes feel we have nothing to express, share, but this is mistaken, our gifts, talents, abilities were conferred upon us to light lives now. Ours is the foundation that will cement these days in history.


We create alone
But the work reaches further
Than we imagine;
We are each a world changing
Force with power to excel.


As a prompt: Devote a few minutes, or more, to mapping out a plan for this week. Find a resource that inspires you and dedicate yourself to exploring it. You have so much that needs sharing with others. You can inspire and encourage greatness. Realize your creativity was given to bless those who encounter your art.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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