I am a fan

I am a fan of the human race, the pinnacle of God’s creation, or evolution, whichever you prefer. Until a successor arrives, ours is the preeminent position.
I am a fan of men, that includes all the variations that suit each individual. I love how men grow into dynamos able to subdue whatever obstacles and problems present for them to conquer. They make things happen, and though they may quiver with fear inside, they do what must be done. Men lead, inspire, encourage, and act. They move forward, they explore, they make decisions that drive the world into the future.
Sure, they make mistakes, some of which shatter societies and destroy peoples. Given volatile tempers and unstable mentalities that sometimes occur, it is a blessing that things have not been worse. Usually when the disaster occurs too much power is centered in the hands of too few with little accountability to those affected by actionaries.
Men are loving husbands and excellent fathers when they choose to be, and in that capacity, they can foster great goodness in the world. Not all men are so endowed, and that can be a pity, for often lives are ruined when love and responsibility are shirked.
Men are a gift deserving of respect; though some may abuse positions of leadership and authority, most are a blessing. They make great partners, friends, lovers, husbands, fathers, leaders, teachers, encouragers, pastors, bosses, and indeed there is nothing they cannot do. Men are fantastic, and I am a fan.
I am a fan of women, including every type that can be imagined. I love how women raise up families of young men and women who are equipped with love for others. I love how some women can take a few ingredients and turn them into a meal that nourishes body and soul. Women make strong leaders who put heart into the positions and occupations they make their own. A woman who stands with a man of integrity can have a wide-reaching influence.
Women can accomplish most things which men can, and often do. Our physicalities do not allow quite the strength of males, but we make up for that in our ability to be mothers. We bring newborns into the world, and that is a blessing, never to be ignored. Humans would not remain dominant without women willing to be the mothers of new lives.
I am a fan of women because we care. We love, often we give up significant portions of lives where we could have achieved worldly and monetary greatness because we are the tenders of the home. We raise children, we support husband’s ambitions, and when the time comes, we provide care for the ailing and elderly who can no longer fend for themselves. We are stronger than Hercules.
Women are a blessing. We bring compassion, beauty, love, and excellence in our endeavors. We make great partners, friends, lovers, wives, mothers, leaders, teachers, encouragers, bosses, and indeed there is nothing we cannot do. Some have broken places, missing pieces, but we have strong constitutions, and we continue our efforts to create a better world for these and future generations.
Together, we, men and women, nurture and build a future for those who follow. We must be careful, wise, tenacious, bold, and unwilling to allow anything but the best to be implemented affecting lives. We must hold power accountable to love. We can never give up.
I am a fan of the human race; men and women, boys, and girls, all the world, as people under God’s blessing.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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