If we wish to change our lives, those of others, things that concern us, our environments, or anything else, there is one path. It is not an easy road, there will be resistance, it will take considerable effort and consume prodigious amounts of time; we must change ourselves. This is something most of us would instead choose not to do.

To change, we must evaluate what is not serving us in life, and those things that are in our favor. For instance, I have a clutter issue. Since losing my Mom in June 2017, I have been paralyzed by feelings of regret and grief, not dealing with the problem of a great deal of stuff which I cannot use that she left behind.

Today, my nephew and I discussed the mess. He pointed out that should I let go of the stuff, it would free up space for me to use in enjoyable ways. I was aware of this, but I have not known how to dispose of so many lovely things. He recommended I just give it all to charity because he knows me well enough to be sure that I do not care for the aggravation of trying to sell it.

Although this is uncomfortable, I am going to begin the process of liquidation. I will be able to make the freed room into a craft room and library. This will provide space for me to practice my artwork. There will finally be a home for my rubber stamp collection, which is extensive, other than entrapped under my bed.

How do I face all those things, hers, when tears still find me, time to time? I change. I gather my courage and recognize that those things no more embody Mom than I am represented by an ink pen or a notebook. I release myself from the need to please her, to continue as her caregiver when that time is past, and she has transitioned to Heaven where she is happy with Jesus.

There are more changes I must make, but I will not detail them just now. Is there something you are holding onto that would better serve you if you let it go? Maybe there is a relationship, attitude, job, habit, thing, or whatever. I am no psychic. You know what it is, and chances are you know exactly what you should do, but you procrastinate because inaction is comfortable and being stuck feels more natural than change. I understand, but the excavation once begun will give you a sense of freedom, accomplishment, and victory that will make you wonder why you waited.

We, humans, were not made to remain in stasis. From our conception, we are continually changing. We grow, learn, progress, and we never stop. If we stick our minds, bodies, hearts, spirits, or souls in a container, we become cramped, unhappy, dissatisfied. Change is who we are. Our creativity calls us to become something unique, newly discovered, uncovered, revealed to a breathless world.

Change is, and what will be. Do not fight it, latch on to the ripple, wave, that draws you into a brighter future. Create who you are, what you want to be. You have the power, embrace the life that is just beyond your hesitation.

Ah, yeah, on this we could dwell awhile, but I will not keep you. Employ that massive fortune of creative genius you possess and get busy. Your life, those you love, the world will thank you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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