Creativity & Pain: A Relationship


The title may seem ill-advised to some, but lend me some time.

We all deal with pain, different types, and some of us more than others. There are many varieties from which to choose, although most, maybe all, of us would prefer to avoid every category of diversification.

An exciting byproduct we frequently observe is that following the experience of an intense episode of suffering, anguish, pain, there is a sudden period of explosive creative growth.

The cause, being the pain presents an obstacle of some sort, such as slowing us down physically, causing us to curb our appetites and consumption of things, so we earn less. Also making us realize we can indeed survive without a partner, we may lose a portion of our livelihood and thus our place in society, or learn we must make allowances for a change we did not foresee. While we deal with such hindrances, our creative faculties engage, discovering unique new methods to overcome the problems, determining how to better allocate our creative resources, building our personalities stronger, more adaptable, flexible, with significant advantages, and extending our abilities to move within our interior and exterior world. The creativity within each person is a solution engine built to magnify and consolidate gifts, talents, skills that destroy blockages to achievement. We are created for greatness and the creativity within us fires the forge to make us do and be more than we expect.

I fiercely believe that creativity and love connect us directly to the Master Creator, God. Our creative drive is seeded from His divine omnipotence. It likens us to Him and joins us to the Love that fills every part and parcel of space and time. We are never deserted, never alone, though we may battle loneliness, trouble, unpleasantness. The spark of creativity, which inflames our desire for achievement in a sudden blaze of imagination, is love working through us to procure a better more fulfilling life. We are led to situations, circumstances, where gratitude becomes a close companion, and we notice for each struggle and defeat there are multitudes of positive benefits.

Our creativity by ushering us into abundance, ameliorating or alleviating our pain, gives us the possibility of closeness with the Creator, Christ.

Our surge, vast and ocean-like, of creative genius, does not justify or abolish the reality of our pain, but it is a consequence that makes future encounters with the monstrosity more bearable and helps mitigate some of our anger and resentment.

Time and again we become aware of people who seem to have conquered the world and reached life’s summit, but when we are invited to an intimate discussion and learn their history, we are surprised by the monumental adversity they overcame.

It is no wonder that ingenuity, love, strength, and yes, creativity, are products of trial, discomfort, tears, pain. We only learn to mine our depths when there is nowhere, no one else from whence and whom to seek our answers. Only God willingly gives wisdom, creativity, love which merge to lift us beyond our limited vision and belief of how our personal best is to be obtained.

We are, everyone, endowed with gifts, talents, abilities, revealed amidst suffering, fired by creativity, placed with us to take us beyond our dreams, crowning us with lives we never thought possible.

So, when the hurt is great, the loss is deadly, the break is more than can be handled, the disappointment heartrending, hold on. Creativity, wisdom, love, change, a breakthrough is coming, maybe only a breath away.

I am grateful:

  1.   I ran the dishwasher today.
  2.   I washed some clothes.
  3.   I took a shower and did not have to stand in drainage.
  4.   I finished the red velvet muffins.
  5.   I started another book.
  6.   I wrote something.
  7.   Life is challenging but worthwhile, and good.


As a prompt, write about a time when pain drove you mad, but afterward, you found yourself driven to create, or do art about it. Whichever you prefer.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. Please follow, or if not, come back. Take care of yourself, do good, and be a blessing when you are able.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



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