Servants on Mission


Servants on Mission

The light near their end
Shines brighter than many at
Noonday ever will;
For they tamed all their hunger
Placed their appetite in chains.

Not chasing money
They chose tight fiscal restraint
Choosing comfort for
Themselves and those whom they serve,
Elevating the prostrate.

Raising those passed by,
Overlooked by the mighty,
From stations of lack
To circles of influence
Where more are motivated.

The Kingdom of Love
Overcomes the evil one,
The Gospel is preached
Bright new converts learn to teach,
The message spreads far and wide.

Courageous soldiers
Bearing the banner of Christ
Overtake the field
For the harvest now is ripe,
The Master’s mission cheers hearts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, February 26, 2018

This was written on reflection of the New Testament saints, and because of some magnificent missionaries who I know. The line about comfort is not about ease and things of the world, but about the spiritual support of abiding in the Lord.

I have been writing, a lot, but I have felt posting was futile so I have left off doing it.

4 thoughts on “Servants on Mission

  1. A lot of your work lately has been very spiritual. That is something a lot of people veer away from unless you find the right audience.

    As hard as writing is, it’s still the easy part. Getting views takes work. It takes posting repeatedly to social media. It takes visiting and commenting other sites. I find I get the most views from 0% of my friends, and mostly from other writers when I do challenges.

    And you still seem to be getting a good bit of “likes” even if you don’t get comments. One recent post only has 2, but most have many more than that. That means eyes are touching your work even if nobody is commenting. And speaking of comments, the last couple I left are still “awaiting moderation.”


      1. I feel you, but at leaste you write. And you keep writing. And you talk about stopping, but you keep on going. Tha tmakes you amazing.


      2. I could never stop writing. I live on the page. Often it helps me know myself. I would like to be less obsessed, but this is a habit I have had almost my whole life. Thank you for saying I am amazing. That is very kind.


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