My son, Alex, who is an adult, has been visiting since mid-December, except for some weekends he went to visit others. He is making a move back here to Georgia from out West.

Things are different when your child is an adult, it seems I get corrected more than ever. It is bearable, well, we are still speaking to one another.

One thing we had discussed accomplishing while he was here with me was dealing with all the things Mom left behind and other clutter I am so adept at accumulating. Picture border-line hoarder, here. I collect things and collect things and more things. I can admit I run amok.

We got Mom’s room under enough control that he can sleep back there, and we carried off an Explorer load of clothes to GoodWill. There is still so much.

If you are a person like me or are dealing with someone like me, strap on your patience good and tight and stay hydrated. This declutter crap is harrowing and no wimps need apply. I can only take it in spurts and even then I have rip-roaring headaches. Most things he sees as just junk, I know all the history about and could spend significant time explaining. Yeah, cue the Eagles, “Get Over It!”

I worked part of the kitchen today. It has not been a blue-ribbon day. I did make admirable progress in my estimation, clearing some counters, moving things, rearranging others. The really dismal thing is I am not a fast person, I am meticulous. Not exactly the best trait when trying to throw away a lifetime of collected stuff (for you enlightened beings, that probably translates as JUNK.)

Dishes that are of the original or close to that pattern of Corelleware can probably leave. The stuff Mom brought home from yard sales that I wished she had never seen, those go too. Where did all these margarine tubs and lids come from? Mom never met one she did not like. The bowls with all the pretty colors and patterns, we are not doing so good over. Ever heard, “I might need it someday?”

The worst of it is he wants me to get rid of some books. To say I am attached to ALL my books would not be overstating my situation.

Anyway, I think I raised a drill sergeant in disguise, recruiter duty did that set of pipes no justice, none at all.

He is working on his novel when I am not on his radar for repudiation. I am working on this when I can get to it. I need to HideAway as Mick Jagger sings about so well.

Things are looking better. I have to admit that, just the process is so painful I would like to get the heck out of dodge.

I hope all of you are meeting your goals, beginning 2020 right. I have high expectations for everything we can accomplish in the coming weeks. Life is such a blessing and flees from us so soon. Every day is precious and we should spend our time improving lives with love and being who we wish.

A river running
Throughout space and time, all us
Loving, living, wise.
As a prompt, look at the poem above. It is my favorite type of poem, a Haiku. It is syllabic, where you count syllables, first-line – five syllables, second-line – seven syllables, final line – five syllables. Write some of your own, they are excellent creativity warm-up exercises.

Gratitude is a balm to the soul. If you will regularly make lists of the things for which you are thankful more happiness and blessings will find you.

I am grateful:

  1.  It was not raining so much today.
  2.  I made progress in the kitchen.
  3.  I have adequate medications.
  4.  My son is visiting.
  5.  I came into this year without being alone.

Thank you for the time you have taken to visit Haphazard Creative. I hope you found something to inspire, entertain, or just make you think. There is a follow button or come back at your whim. God Bless You and Yours, Always!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



2 thoughts on “Ccchhhaannggees…

  1. Love that photo!
    I understand about books.

    In the past 40 years I have had to sell all the different collections I accumulated because the money was sorely needed.

    This began with my selling my extensive Comic Book Collection for far less than it was worth according to Overstreet.

    I also sold my Classical CD collection, as well.

    It hurt every time, but needed to be done.

    I donated my Hardy Boy & Nancy Drew Collection (all Grossett & Dunlap originals, from the 20’s thru the 70’s) to my elementary School Library).


    1. I hope I am going to keep my stuff, but if I have to move, it may be impossible. I am sorry you had to let so much dear to you go. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. You have no idea how much it means. I have been feeling like I was lost in a void a lot of the time.


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