Change, it ambushes us,
Out of time, it comes wavelike,
It takes our bedrock washes
What we thought we owned;
Obliterating into oblivion.

Sometimes though it sets us
Feet first down into places
Where we belong to be found.
We pick, choose who we are.

Life is an adventure
Without compare, and we here
Are gifted the ability to share
Ourselves, presently and as becoming
Our love, such overcoming.

All we have a beautiful purpose
To enhance life for the many
And be the completion of our ONE,
Each moment a journey made
Creatively toward our Home.

If we are wide open
Set free from negativity
We can our potential materialize
Right before others and our
Astounded, awaiting eyes.

We are this present
Letting go of the limiting past,
Moving in each moment
With creativity, love, desire;
Embracing change positively.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Alex recommended I quit relying on Photoshop so much. This was handheld with the camera flash in the dark and rain. I love it. I usually do not use Photoshop, but sometimes…

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