The Well, Prepared

Situation Playcation – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Writing is the thing that teaches us to understand the experience we cannot command or comprehend. Living is a riot, constant impressions, wild digressions, unbanished obsessions, mythic approximations, and passionate exhibitions.

Love is real, no poetic fairytale; it sometimes bites with destructive force. There are other times it breathes life back into a being near become a cold, bloodless corpse. Heedless, love carries headless need into ages where hearts aflame assuage the blame for falling again.

When what you most want
Remains beyond ability
You become adept
To fulfill some hopes and dreams.

I am not ideal
But being real is enough
For those loving me.

I have discovered
The wild child passionate self
Does exist still.

I could sing you blue,
Golden, or bright rainbow hues;
I would disappear
In the arrangement of notes,
Unrecognized within you.

Love plays, tackling us,
In fields where flowers obey
Injunctions to fade;
We are colors resisting
What makes delight history.

Prompt: Create something showing how writing or art rescue from the forgetfulness of greedy insanity.

No television to distract.

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Journal Sparkles

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Only compare yourself to yesterday’s you, but try to determine a significant change in who you are. Create something that expresses your journey.

Always Thankful:
My lap desk arrived.
I was able to work more smoothly.
I scavenged around and found the correct part to repair MIGHTIER.
I vacuumed and swept the house.
I waste no lessons, though some wreck havoc.

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I am doing a Creativity Project for which I post at least once daily for the whole of 2021. I completed the challenge last year. I find these help build a body of work and encourage more significant improvisation. I encourage you to try something similar.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Love, Just Something Like

I sit at his side
Listening attentively,
Learning as we go,
Not what is thought, how we are,
Friends, even a wee bit more.
Knowing the pieces
Covered, before other worlds,
Holding such secrets
As might be misunderstood
If bared in the public square.
Not ordinary,
But nothing needs explaining;
The music continues
Spinning out careful magic
Who we are, we want to be.
Dreams become unreal
Still fulfilling unknown tastes,
Sorting out the problems, mess,
In time to leave the distress.
We cannot claim us
Yet, there is evident a bond,
Sweeter than loneliness,
A connection made in time
Outside the usual design.
Hope flutters tattered
Wings attempting beauty, flight,
A word soft-spoken
Is wind enough to lift dreams
Into possibility –
Knowing time the remedy,
Clarity, to foster focus
Bring all things together – alight.

Observe your emotional temperament, look at what is present in your life, do they agree? Create something that exhibits your findings.

Thankful Today:
When I woke up, it was 51 degrees in the house; I ran the logs, it is now 64 degrees.
I walked over 20,000 steps.
A tremendous variety of music is available for my listening enjoyment.

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Love In Tanka – Haiku

Pick an emotion and create from there. Any form or media is appropriate.

Friendly and Richard, best buddies.

Love has a way, and I am pliant.
My being able to do this each day.
Pens that write beautifully, even when I make mistakes.

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