Hearken Silence

The silence, it hides,
Yet is felt, a blankness,
A disintegration,
Reality’s fabric disrupted
In an annihilation;
Never to be rectified.
Yet, left here, this moment
The splintered, frayed ends
Of this tenuous life – rope;
Must be navigated, searched,
For a reason in the unreasoning
Unfairness of this lonely evolution.
The dew still blankets the grass,
Sun again blooms warming mornings,
Dust collects, and meals are required;
But even as the fond lyrics play
The silence sneaks into the heart,
Divvying up those parts unscathed.
Tragic dislocation, lack of elocution,
Undone echolocation, because
The missing piece will not be found,
Those who inhabit the memory
Lend no voice, make no comforting sound,
But the partition cannot forever
Hold, life is brash, bold, it breaks
Down barriers and behold,
Beginnings filter in and silence lesser grows,
What leads to overcoming, becomes
This moment, hour, day;
Building begins life victorious
Makes a new, wholesome way,
The silence dims, the shadow fades,
Love finds a fortunate home,
On a new arriving day.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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