Brief Perspectives – Blunt

My heart full afire
Aching with such great desire,
But hidden remains.


Adrift in oceans
Feelings of such depth complete,
Catching undertow.


Losing what matters,
Living becomes rigorous,
I must rescue me.


Comfortable safety
Challenging freedom gone wild,
Wolves nipping at heels.


Who stole the deep sleep?
It could not be a cheap creep,
No, a dream-like you!


When the darkness falls
It engulfs unseen places,
Who we may still be.


Swift the beating heart
Imagining what could be
Between written lines.


A broken needle,
Pine, collected in a shoe,
Quick must be removed.


Whoever we are
Often little changes much,
Except with God’s touch.


Isolation is
A boon when epidemics
Are loose in nations.


I have not known what to write today. It seems like nothing wants to rise up from the primordial soup of my brain. Therefore I turn to haiku, that stable medium that I can concoct out of nowhere.

Reading Harlot’s Ghost has brought me to reading some of the periodicals because the book is too heavy to comfortably walk with in my right hand. Reading Granta, Science, NYT, and National Review on the tablet. It is nice to read the current articles.

Working hard to disable ads on the tablet. Engaged developer mode, but having some problems still.

It was warm enough for short sleeves, even outside, which was a comfortable change.

I hope you have an excellent evening and find enjoyment it whatever you undertake.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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