Um, Victory

It is not daily
I choose the outside of things
The challenge it brings,
But braver today I did
For those medical reasons.
Of course, I bear fear
The coronavirus leers
Like a rabid fox
Its grin a horror drooling
Germs so unsightly with need.
Cast about the mind
Safe quarters, fair harbor, set
The self barrier
To foreign bodies entrance;
Beware the pungent sneeze.
A sample places;
DQ, Sam’s Club, Resurgens,
Kroger feels too much,
Who Wants To Live Forever
An appropriate stream, Queen.
Tried to find my voice
To pitch a page, no dulcet
Tones casting, grating off-key
Would have bought peace, health,
But none of those were available.
Bananas, grapes, raisins, milk
Were among what I could retrieve
From the mini-cities titled stores.
The shots in knees, ouch,
For my betterment those are
So far showing some gain against
Debilitating pain, only sleep
Is a disappearing angel when
I still myself, hurt tackles me.
I return home an acquisitive scoundrel
With life-giving plunder, seemingly
Aright, without the blight of acquired
Disease, just overtired wishing
To find my ease in an ocean of
Consonants, vowels, punctuation,
To free me from a too clear focus
On what is become of reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just some thoughts. Framed while they remain.

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