It Ain’t Over

In December of 2013, I needed a watch. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I have always needed time at hand because I do not do time. I ordered an Invicta from Amazon, and it was damaged when I got it. I saw something somewhere that the Samsung Gear would be released in December. It would have a pedometer.

At this point, I weighed in over 200 pounds. I found out the date of the Gear release knowing it would sync with the S3, and I went that day to Best Buy and got one. That changed my life.

I used the pedometer and an app called MyFitnessPal and journaled in a notebook each day. By the end of 2014, I lost over sixty pounds.

Losing my mother and my beloved Hope caused extreme stress and threatened all I had done. More recently, I have fallen back into my binging due mostly to depression and feeling less than worthy. I have gained some weight. Now when I need support most, MyFitnessPal has begun predatory pop-up ads. I will not deal with advertising. I took the app, after almost seven years, off my devices. I still walk, lots of days over 20,000 steps. The pain I experience makes this a trial.

Now, I am not counting calories for the first time in ages. I know what to do. I am trained. So, I am working this in a new way. If I can avoid the binging, I will lose back down, but I am a sweet nut. Nutella, Airheads, Peppermint Patties, Hershey’s Chocolate, we could go on, binging is hard to give up.

Understand, I have worked so many programs since I was a teen. I know nutrition, I know exercise. Most of us do, the thing is staying stabilized emotionally so we can work the loss. Eating is comfort, consumption is companionship, food is the reward. This is a battle for our lives. Make no mistake, fat cripples, and obesity kills.

Today, I wanted to drive to Douglasville, go to Dairy Queen, and have a Large M&M Blizzard. I had a headache because I was craving so hard. I took a nap. I later made a glass of Almond Milk with Pure Honey, mixed and mixed and mixed. I did not have that over 1000 calories of Blizzard today.

It is the small victories added up over time that win the war. I am going to take that frigging hill again. You can too. We should never die young.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Advice from a Homebody

You can skip this if you have it all under control, but since many of you find yourselves sequestered at home, and I am a bit of an expert at staying in, I thought I might have something that would help.

Probably as you went into this, your housework was reasonably under control. As you are making a transition to quarantine, especially if you have kids, you might let yourself ease up a little bit. I say this so you can take time to adjust. Some movies, music, books, writing, may make being home easier. This is not to say let all your housework go, just set your standards for comfort.

If you have puzzles, coloring books, beading, drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils, pens, paper, blank cards, board games, cameras, things to repair or build, this would be a time to use them. If you find yourself homeschooling, these can be utilized as rewards for finishing assignments. If you join the kiddos, it will also be a bonding experience in a time of tension.

It might be an excellent time to launch a blog or website if you have been considering it. Both WordPress and Blogger are reasonably easy to start. I prefer WordPress. There are others as well, I just mention two I have used.

If your kids are home, now is a great time to get them involved in the chores, which they may typically find ways to shirk. You do not have to be a harsh taskmaster, just tie fun screen time to task completion.

If you need additional resources for educational materials, many of the colleges have things you can access for free. Coursera is a service tied to top universities that allows auditing courses without a fee.

Almost all of us could increase our activity. For low impact, walking is the best and can be done as a family. In eating, you may find the Yummly app has some suggestions which help you add variety when supply is limited.

To lower stress and anxiety limit your news content, and if your social media is caustic, take some breaks.

Books are everyone’s best friends at a time like this. Reading can help you soothe your mind, and with kids, it helps extend their concentration and attention span. If you have pre-readers, by all means, read to them. You can read their books, and you can also share your reads. This exposes them to the rhythms of language and vocabulary they may not have encountered.

Go outside. It is that simple. Find time in nature.

I will try to post some writing prompts and exercises over these days. I remind you everyone is creative. You have an ideal opportunity to explore what creativity means to you at this time.

If you have questions, I am fully willing to help.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Um, Victory

It is not daily
I choose the outside of things
The challenge it brings,
But braver today I did
For those medical reasons.
Of course, I bear fear
The coronavirus leers
Like a rabid fox
Its grin a horror drooling
Germs so unsightly with need.
Cast about the mind
Safe quarters, fair harbor, set
The self barrier
To foreign bodies entrance;
Beware the pungent sneeze.
A sample places;
DQ, Sam’s Club, Resurgens,
Kroger feels too much,
Who Wants To Live Forever
An appropriate stream, Queen.
Tried to find my voice
To pitch a page, no dulcet
Tones casting, grating off-key
Would have bought peace, health,
But none of those were available.
Bananas, grapes, raisins, milk
Were among what I could retrieve
From the mini-cities titled stores.
The shots in knees, ouch,
For my betterment those are
So far showing some gain against
Debilitating pain, only sleep
Is a disappearing angel when
I still myself, hurt tackles me.
I return home an acquisitive scoundrel
With life-giving plunder, seemingly
Aright, without the blight of acquired
Disease, just overtired wishing
To find my ease in an ocean of
Consonants, vowels, punctuation,
To free me from a too clear focus
On what is become of reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just some thoughts. Framed while they remain.

Breakfast For Supper

You all do know I am an authentic Georgia Peach, born and raised. I know some call it dinner, but sometimes it is supper. As much as I hate cooking, people I do it for make no noise, but thank you. I hate the time involved, but I know how to cook. No one ever leaves food on their plates (because by the time I served, they were about ready to be measured for a coffin). They often say, “Thank you; it was delicious.”

Tonight was steak and eggs; all jazzed up. I have been a single mom for most of Alex’s life. We never afforded “prime cuts,” round steaks were our go-to steak. They are a little tough, but if you cook them easy, they are better than hamburgers (of which I am no fan).

The eggs got extra-sharp cheddar, ham, and salad tomatoes (one of my favorite snacks).

I had not cooked these in a long time, three years or more, so I did not do it as well as I would have liked. Tasted great, though, and that counts for something. See, I hate to waste time in the kitchen. Too much creating to do. Walking too. I must walk because I love to eat.

Unretouched photo. I wanted to share, but my steps are behind.

We enjoyed it, and maybe I will do it again in the future.

I hope you are ready for February, cause it will not wait.

Have fun. Keep creating. Love everyone; you have opportunity because the world needs love and understanding.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is a phone post if you find errors blame Samsung because I am sure on the computer it would be impeccable