Fall Out

I avoid going out
Because it makes me
But medical needs
Become primary,
Today knee shots,
Last four of a series
Of twelve, shorts, tee.
The need for things
Drove me to Sam’s Club,
It was CRAZY!
No paper goods at all
And lines worse than
During the holidays.
I kept not touching
My face with my hands,
But the wrist for hair
In my eyes, irritant.
At Kroger I made
Some lady mad,
I did not know why.
Got out of there
Quick time,
The place was a mess.
The disorder in both
Stores was disorienting.
Mailed a letter at the P.O.
In the drop.
Decided to have
Sanity was a factor.
The librarians asked
Where my bag was,
I have not been in
I stocked up on
You know, in case
Of apocalypse.
The fear out there
Was palpable,
The desperation
Was frightening,
The majority
Of people were
On the edge of control.
I stay home a lot,
Right now,
I think the pandemic
Has me working
On being home
More than usual.
It was peculiar
How the tension
Seemed near to
Boiling to the
It had no sense
Of understanding
It breathed meanness.
I was even more pleased
To return home than
I do not have a fully
Developed idea of how
This may go, but
You all that are
Out there every day
I am praying you
Stay safe.
The panic of a pandemic,
It seems well underway.


This was after the haircut.

Pardon me for writing about this today. It has been difficult settling and much on my mind. I am hoping others do not experience it as I did. I think I am set for a bit here.

The weather was beautiful today, which was a grace.

Maybe I will be back with something, or perhaps I will just settle myself. This has caused me much concern. I do not like to see the world fall into disarray.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

4 thoughts on “Fall Out

  1. Sending good energy your way. It has been a challenge for me to keep my spirits up amid the chaos. Tomorrow is another day and I am going to plant some tomato seeds and get them started for the garden. Hope springs eternal. I hope. Take good care 👍♥️


    1. Thank you so much. I felt so stupid posting that, but it is all I could do. Today was shattering. I am trying to ease myself out of the upset. Just listened to Owner of a Lonely Heart by YESS. Music is my go-to. Again thank you, and good luck with the plants.


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