What of us who are
Unlike as earth and water,
Surrounded by air?
Can we find much in common
Together in sharing things?

Light breathes on fields, waves,
Shore kisses surf giving bits
In the wash and spray,
Earth witnesses ocean, river,
Providing base and surface.

Opinions diverge
The atmosphere becomes charged,
Violent manner quelled,
Animosity prohibited,
Civilized conversation reigns.

No stolen thunder,
No shrill banshee wails unleashed,
Gentle the turmoil –
Evoking tranquility,
Projecting calm, bringing peace.

Is our art for reasoning
Forging agreements
Bringing our society
Into greater possibility.

Our differences
We must recognize, treasure,
Encourage tolerance
For only Love can forestall
More horrible disasters.

We, diverse but like,
Needing one and another
Dependent, yet free,
You reflect with me, empathy,
Together we clearly see.


The poem was three verses when I transferred it. It did a sea change. I want you to know most often when I speak of Love it is the agape love we experience in Christ Jesus.

Yesterday really shook me. I do not know how much I will be writing.

I have never experienced pandemonium like that in the physical world before.

Anyway, you all take care. Blessings on each of you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan







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