What Trap?

It could be a trap
Staying home, staying away,
Staying Alive, 
But we may choose it
As another experience
Should we like
Adventure calls us outright.
Multitudes appear 
Pleasures within reach of those
With seeking hearts, minds,
When we employ the power,
We discover gifts which nurture
Us in distressing times.
Our spirit is always free,
Can never be trapped.
No container or tricky plot
Can confine LOVE’s generosity
It seeks its goodness to share
Everywhere with everyone
As in time to come
Is the guide and destination,
The purpose of every life
The preparation of all nations,
God, in wisdom, did ordain
His LOVE forever to reign.

The prompt for the Poem A Day Challenge on Poetic Asides today is “Trap.” The PAD Challenge is a celebration of National Poetry Month hosted by Robert Lee Brewer each year. I have participated in it a number of times, having the Creativity Project makes me less likely to quit without finishing.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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