Scoring Ribbons

Pick up a book, read,
Take paper, pen, pencil
See what you can create,
Turn on your favorite song,
Loud, if you like,
Sing along, then play others.

If you have a dog, take a walk,
A cat, see if you can give pets,
A ferret, watch how giddy
It can be when roaming loose.

Spend some time with your clothes,
Mix and match for new combinations,
Nix those that no longer hold a fascination,
Develop fresh cuisine for quarantine
Look up new skills you want
On YouTube and work for proficiency.

Avoid the news when you can
You know it is bad already,
If you must watch television
Go for delights that light your life.

Support your friends on-line
With likes and comments,
Now it is especially vital,
Everyone is working hard
To be positive just as you are
Encouragement helps so much.

Being BLUE does not become us
We are survivors, thriving,
We are love, cheering one another,
We are winners, champions,
Only our ribbons are rainbows
Of smiles forever renewed,
After tearful BLUE showers.

Prompted Positive Poetry’s prompt is “Blue.” Think I may have gotten a bit lost, but I am okay, yeah. LOL!


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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