Unique Moments

This thing has taught us
There are moments things almost
Seem reasonable,
But no one is yet prepared;
Reality packs a surprise.
Everything devolves, goes
Many lose something basic,
Then there is a rewind
Setting the needle in the groove,
Things appear manageable.
The moment authorities say,
“Shelter in Place,”
The deadly foretaste of contagion
Grows large as the threat of
Nuclear annihilation ever became.
People unprepared to isolate
Accustomed to their busyness,
As was usual
With limited skills for
Self-containment, individual
Entertainment, but learning.
Over time we become at ease
With the quiet, adapting, evolving,
Able to practice talents,
Gifts previously unknown,
Growing into the persons
This moment of invention
Has allowed us to become.


Yesterday fled before I could get this written down. I was involved in the laundry, which could become a real beast if I am not careful. The PAD Challenge prompt on Poetic Asides was “A Moment.” Robert always says we do not have to adhere to the prompt strictly, so I stepped a bit away.

I suspect everyone is fighting some personal monsters in this pandemic. If you are struggling, I encourage you to lean over your well of creativity and draw some motivation up to carry you forward.

I never thought when I started this 2020 Creativity Project, it might become a life preserver, but little did I know. Working here every day, even when I cannot do it, when I have other things to do, when I feel like nothing matters, when I am nobody, somehow keeps me going. The beauty of recognizing and drawing on art, creativity, imagination is they give us hope, resilience, and strength.

God be with you and bless you magnanimously from the abundance of His LOVE. Continue to shine bright all you glorious ones meaning each of you. If you knew the beauty of who you are, it would overwhelm you. Peace. Stay Whole & Well.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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