Many Tidings

In life, it seems, there are often many things of which to be downcast over. I have my moments of despair. In living with my condition, I find I must find novel ways to lift myself beyond the particular tar pits which present a snare.

Often writing is my principal weapon, trying to create something of a more lucid, lighter air always presents an enormous challenge. There are times the conviction overwhelms my soul that there is no talent or wisdom within on which to draw. Yet, I cannot forsake the words, lines, for they will seek me out and become mine.

I have not been into my town or seen a human in the flesh since March 14. It is not unusual for me to go for some weeks without leaving my redoubt, but this is the longest ever. I must break this soon. I did not realize how even speaking with strangers had such a positive effect until this restriction.

I occupy my time. I thought I would work against the mess here, but I, as often, have no inclination to do so. I make small inroads, but unlike the wholesale change, others might affect, I avail little.

Time is always erratic, but in the pandemic, it has become bizarre. I have no idea when it is most of the time. Confusing days, hours, minutes, and when I do mark them, they run strangely.

Had I known how the world would be besieged, I would never have chosen to do a 2020 Creativity Project in which I am, of my own volition, served with the duty of working here each day. I fear I may fall short of inspiration and encouragement to share. Somedays, I want to hide in the rushes in a dark corner of my cave and make nothing.

Enough. I love this too. It is what I do. Having lost my copy editing hobby job, at least temporarily, I have plenty of moments to follow obscure trails within the country of my mind.

I expect this will not be a popular post, but I need to get some thought of what life is now into permanent form, The internet lives forever, or at least until the grid ceases.

When tucked away inside
Do more than just survive,
Create something, thrive.


Nothing can hold us down
If we build each other up
With encouragement and love.


We all belong
Because we are here,
Beloved and precious.


The Earth is the Lord’s,
We are only visitors –
We should use love, care.


Each time when we talk
The words come near emerging,
But they sip away.


No one walks into
The distance without caution,
Life may be forfeit.


These skeleton words
May build a structured body,
Or fall waste apart.


Levity may lift
Spirits a while, but these times
Try the strongest souls.


Every day is so strange;
Different in challenges,
Unique in its gifts.


No one understands
How work arrives without plan,
We create at will.


A bird in a tree
Longs to rise into the sky,
Our dreams also fly.


I hope all is well with every one of you. I hope you are finding joy in this disruption. Maybe we needed a time-out to reprioritize what we do. I do not believe even something as troublesome as this pandemic will only have an adverse effect. I think great good can come from it.

I apologize for the lateness of this posting. It has been an unusual day.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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