When you hold it in
The palms of outstretched hands
Remember how you
Thought LOVE, a most precious gift,
When first you recognized need
To welcome it here
Making the giver a part
Of your becoming
Owner of fond dreams, all things,
Grand offers life dispenses.
Never let it go –
Fade to the burned-out darkness;
Treasure the light LOVE
Shines even as days fly by,
For LOVE lifts us, undying.



Listening to music,
pondering life,
wondering about LOVE,
what it means,
what it does not.
Coming in on the side
of the angels with
belief LOVE is the meaning
of all and everything.
Of course, you should
know already, I believe
that bit of TRUTH.
Life can change in
a moment, the touch
of a hand, can reset
the best-laid plans.


The explanation was a paragraph, and like everything lately, it morphed. 

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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