The Rescue


Feeling lost, needing,
Someone to reframe the days;
An arresting face
On a screen held hopeful page,
Manic trip, hastily made.
The signs of danger
All presented open there
But the final op,
It had to come to a stop,
The power of choosing one.
Every day became
An infirmary visit;
Bandages, creams, ice,
The spirit willing, flesh weak,
Survival, frightful gamble.
Time has its slow ways
Gradually over days
Many and often
Passing the beast began to
Behave, cleave, love, mellow, trust.
Some moments life is
A cruel play on body, mind,
Sweet cuddle closeness
Can mitigate darting pain
Rescuing a mortal need.
Seasons run swiftly
But joy can lift magically,
Rescue beings freed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Wookie and I still have our moments, but we love.


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