The iridescent filaments
Are a shimmering visual
White buttercream icing, web
Thin, among the spaces not
By the sentinel maples, oaks,
Pines, of these woods which
Daylight are comfortingly
Familiar, but in twilight and
Full dark
Are a touch disquieting,
A shiver with something of
That Otherworld where
Dance on pinheads, toadstools,
Friendly dogs can be transformed
Into creatures causing cold blood
Cruddling fear
Making staying in the circle
Of light seem the only logical
Course open to guarantee survival.
Yet, even so, the iridescent
Fancy buildings encourage the rise
Of hair along the nape and
Fervent prayer to be safe
From the predations of the
Fairy King.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

A previous prompt in the Facebook Group, Prompted Positive Poetry was, “Iridescent.” I have wanted to write about the weird woods. My son, Alex, told me I should grow up and quit my fear of the dark. I am unsure of that possibility. Reading less in the horror genre might help, but Nah, that will not happen.


Quiet pours down, light
As the lock of hair
Grabbed and swirled round
Index finger and thumb;
Numb, numb, wilted
In the stifling of late day
March heat, barely able
To forego the house,
Walking buoyant dogs
Whose muscles ripple
Like a wake under sinew.
Ensconced uneasy in bed
Never invalid, never stop,
But the strength, it erodes,
Still, that is a no; push, go,
Various ways to give the ankle
Purchase to convey upright
This reason that is a being
Unwilling to acquiesce to
Anything against progress
Fighting always pain, doubt, fear,
“Begone, leave this one be. Strength
Remains, life retains, love stokes
The vision, all abides, stand – over-ride.”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Prompted Positive Poetry prompt for today was “Strength.”

LOVE always the Answer

2020-03-15_LOVE always the Answer


Wookie was not quite sure what was going on. She is not exactly photogenic, and I was sitting down, which is always a bit confusing for the dogs. I usually sit very rarely.

Is anyone else up to 150 posts this year alone? I would love to hear about what you are doing if so. Also, should anyone have content suggestions that would increase my audience without expecting monetary compensation, I would much love those. I would pay, but I have no funds. All this costs me. I know money is not a subject, but…

I hope you are enjoying the break from the endless activity and that you are well. I suggest this would be a perfect time to work creatively.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Maybe Today

We can spend time with
One another, talk, listen;
Pick up a book, magazine,
Newspaper, read good things.
On our pets, while they love us,
Play with a child, love them,
Read interesting storybooks, or
Make stories up together.
Color, draw, paint – something
Listen to music, sing along, or alone,
Pause some screen interaction,
See less bad news, avoid fear, panic,
We can discover an alcove of quiet
In whatever way we wish.
A long walk with mindfulness,
Bringing along a non-phone camera,
Writing letters to those we love,
Will treasure the gift of “real” mail.
We must not allow chaos, meanness,
In the public sphere to dictate
The persons we are and become.
Humans are able to transcend disasters,
Growing richer, better, more capable,
Polished, polite, kindly, generous,
People of LOVE!
We can rise, creating,
A world
Of possibility and opportunity.


As a prompt, I encourage you to put the world aside, a while. Enjoy the people, the places, the things that enrich your existence. If you wish, engage your creativity and produce something. Or if you are as exhausted as we often become, rest. Blessings to you and yours. Peace amidst the turmoil.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan