Fragments of Mind

I was up early and these doodles came out my noodle.

Morning comes chirping
Alive, rousing the senses,
Brightening the mind.


Who we are is not
In question, when solving for
X one assumes Y.


When given blessings
Beyond imagination,
God is no concept
His agency becomes real
As every footstep’s echo.
You do not know,
I cannot tell you, but
The change is miraculous.
Bad when you write in
Poetic lines without thought,
Lyric entrances.
In case no one told
You lately, you are treasured,
A unique blessing.
That fire you doused with
Gallons, the embers remained,
Caught and blazed again.
I need you like waves
Need the shore to remind them
Here go, but no more.
Sometimes people fail
To realize love has its
Own devices, it
Cannot be metered or
Taken out of its choice lines.
What a miracle
Is a child who comes needing
You, but saves your life.
Redemption is not
A one time process, daily
It becomes again.
Doodling in words
Just finding this and that
In the attic blest.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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