When we dive into
The water, it helps if we
Have learned how to swim,
Cause waves may wash us under
And we will rise up again.
Drowning is unpleasant
It can steal our lives away
We have too much to accomplish
To give up so carelessly.
So if our lifeboat seems
Unstable or will not take us far
The water may invite us
To trust our buoyant strength.
Swimming we are captains
Of all, we may foresee
We are wholly able to reach out
Grasping our eternal liberty.
No one can take us into the depths
Or bring us to safe shores,
We must brave all the ocean
To finally master our goals.
When we have all completed
It suddenly becomes clear
Every stroke we made
Each breath within our lungs
We never were alone
We were fully supported;
The Savior led us home.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


This particular poem is composed as a song. If I had the skill I would write the music.


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