My Hope

I support life, people doing what they like, and living lives that please them as long as they interfere with no one else. I recommend love because I believe we are in this world together to be gentle, kind, generous, and caring toward one another. I believe our differences make us unique and should be embraced and celebrated. We are all the children of God, and He makes no mistakes. I think freedom should extend to everyone, no matter who, where, what, how, when, we live.

When things go out of control, and people are injured, killed, mistreated, it hurts my soul. I cry for the loss. I want to fix it, make it right, take the place of someone hurting. I am not able, but I pray, and I write. I try to bring the message that all of us are precious to the attention of others. I hope each person knows they are worthy, that they were created in love.

There are cruelty and injustice in our world, but each of us must stand for freedom and love. The little things, like letting someone ahead in line, opening a door, saying a kind word to someone who is working hard to help, being a positive force in a world of depression and despair. These things will not end the problem immediately, but if enough of us do them over time, through space, the force for goodness will build, and there will gradually begin to be a change.

We must try, or at some point, the human race will self-destruct. We must catch ourselves when we think of being rude, and instead be kind. If we start to lose our temper, we must govern ourselves and instead be calm. If we see someone hurting, we must step up and offer comfort. This world will not change through our giving in to baser emotions. This world, every human being, the planet, needs attention, compassion, and love. We need to fight the darkness and light up the dim places.

We are the change, you and me. We cannot wait on another to step up, because they may not have our heart. They may not think it is doable. We can, I know we can. Good people working together in love can start a revolution that blankets the world with such tenderness that cruelty, neglect, depression, suicide, violence, hate cannot continue. I urge you to be love in the world. We are the world, and we must make it safe for living. Only you and I have the power to do it and we must exert the force of love to make a better situation for everyone, everyone.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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