Getting Off The Ground

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Adversity to Flight

Life can leave us humiliated, hungry, hurt, thinking ourselves unable to make the cut. We can become our worst enemies by letting sneaky negative thoughts slow and stop us in our pursuit of excellence.

When we wish to fly, we book with an airline, pack our bags, and get on board. We are not in charge, we allow the pilot to guide the plane. In life, it is sometimes necessary to turn to others who are wise and experienced. We depend on their guidance to aid us in discerning our direction.

All of us have moments of doubt and fear; the world can, at times, seem terrifying. Within our lives, we have people whose judgment we know to be trustworthy. If the problem is too all-encompassing to be handled alone, it is time to call the flight crew. You know, the friend who will host a few people to help you get off the ground. These dear souls bring the party with their culinary skills and perfect taste. Add someone who has a finger on the pulse of the financial and business body to be of immense assistance. In the case of the meeting, you are the pilot, but you need the others, including ground control.

Ground control can be a set of references that advise your team with updated data and factual truth. While you are trying to lift off, you do not need to leave yourself to hearsay or faulty sources. Reaching for dreams come true, goals realized, success is no easy exploration. One must engage wholeheartedly and persevere.

Putting in the time, making an effort, seeking encouragement and inspiration from reliable sources will give you the background to take off for the heights you imagine yourself conquering. With your goals soundly in mind, you can take flight. Remember, if you stay positive and continue in well-doing, nothing is beyond you.

Prayer and asking God’s favor is also indispensable in the meeting of goals. Who better than the Creator of all things to invite into your endeavor? Be of good cheer, have a prosperous year.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – 2020

By the way, I have never flown. I just know those who have.


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