Spaces and Joins

2020.06.15 Spaces edited

Sometimes I think I am lucky
Others I think I am cursed
Mostly I have learned life
Has its reasons and is unrehearsed.
Between the cradle and the casket
There are many deeds to be done
Some bring rainbow happiness
Some such putrid odor to be shunned.
I find the spaces in the letters
Have gifts to convey if I attune
To the loving things they say
For in them is life even as it is played.
Often I am found outside the lines
Running down highways without any signs
My eyes only gather what appears
In the limited bubble illuminated
Of the space, the dim light skims
Running toward empty with
Indefinite plans that cannot
Be realized before slipping, sliding,
Through my ink-stained hands.
Unable to capture the lines before
The present decides it has other demands
Curtailing the games with fans in the stands
No one the winner, the losers dispersed,
All I have in the markets disbursed.
The sun rising cream, pallid, hazed
Life seeming a reckoning daze, but
I know, LOVE is in the spaces and joins
Where we hold one another
Turning ourselves into better
Than we imagine we will be
Because of the nectar, the treasure,
The overriding dream we still believe
Can be ours forever, living all
We create out of hope and need.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sometimes the thoughts ferment and foment things not initially thought. I had the spaces between letters, love, and then this came like a tsunami. I can always be schooled.


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